Biomedical Services NZ Ltd maintains a significant resource base in New Zealand. This includes substantial technical and management expertise (including direct representation on the Standards committee), proven internet based systems for equipment and repairs management, documentation and reporting systems, quality systems and an extensive range of testing equipment.


The company provides a comprehensive range of medical device management services as follows:

Equipment Compliance

  • Safety testing (electrical and performance) of medical devices and systems to required standards and legislation 

  • Preventative maintenance and calibration

Equipment Repairs

  • Repairs service

  • Repairs management

Systems Management

  • Medical device management system for asset recording

  • Online access to asset information and test results

  • Full testing documentation and report

  • Lifecycle asset management information

Consultancy and Management

  • Service reviews and audits

  • Biomedical department services management

  • Equipment management advice

  • Service agent contract management

  • Technical advice and assistance to accreditation process